Ecological solution

I, Andre Nodel, represent the interests of a group of fuel additive developers.

The fuel additive modifies all kinds of petroleum hydrocarbon fuel (fuel oil residue, bunker fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline). The use of the additive results in the great environmental specifications of pollutant content in exhaust gases, the amount of hydrocarbon in exhaust gases is 4 times lower than Euro 6 emission standard and total absence of sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

I used the fuel additive in Fiat Doblo Panorama (1.4, 2008) within a kilometrage of 225 000 kilometers. The vehicle was used in usual conditions and filled with A92 gasoline of lowest quality.

In the period from 5 to 9 September 2017, research of the Fiat Doblo Panorama vehicle exhaust gases was carried out by “Centre of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Measurements in Southern Federal District of Russia” federal state institute in Krasnodar.

The research showed results which no automobile manufacturer can achieve. The vehicle of Euro 3 class with 245 000 km kilometrage which was filled with gasoline of Euro 3 class showed results which are several times lower than Euro 6 standard.

These unique results showed Fiat vehicle but this additive can be applied to vehicles of any model.

And now for the first time these results make it possible to say that any internal combustion engine can become environment friendly irrespective of its environment class, year of manufacture, kilometrage and engine model (gasoline or diesel).